About Us

The Times Group is a long-standing leader in the print business, as well as an emerging leader in all other forms of media, including radio, TV, magazines, out of home, and more. Times of India celebrates the spirit of Durga Puja in every sense. Capturing and recognising the efforts of various artists who make sure this festival is a grand affair. Times understands the importance to give due to credit to those who deserve it and also to adds joy to many lives!

Pujo is an emotion to each one residing in Kolkata. It is indeed the most awaited month in the calendar. The entire city is in joyous mood and you can feel it in the air as well. Times of India presents Times Pujor Hullor, bringing together the people of Kolkata through unique programmes at various apartments over the weekends. Pujor Hullor captures the pre festival excitement and enthusiasm of the residents of the city.

Take a walk in any lane of the city and you’ll find a unique pandal with an interesting theme. With each year passing by, the pandals and the concept are getting better and bigger. To give the due credit to the most creative pandal, The Times of India has been sharing this spirit and revelry for years now with organizing the most popular pujo competition in the city Times Sharod Sreshto. It is a competition for the best “Baroari” or theme based locality pujas in the city.

Each complex in the city puts up their best pandal showcase every year. Times of India, since 2001, has been sharing the spirit of pujo with Times Pujo Barir Sera Pujo, a competition based event where the best “Bari” or residential Pujas is judged and rewarded by eminent celebrities along with creating engagement and visibility across residential pujas housing complexes in Kolkata.

Times of India believes that each kid has the right to celebrate the festival. Times of India takes less fortunate kids to visit the city’s best pandals on panchamai morning. The kids will not only enjoy a day out with eminent celebrities but will also get to judge the pujos on a few given parameters to select the top pujos of Times Sarod Srestho. This initiative is known as Times Chotoder Sharod Sresto.

Kali Pujo is also celebrated at a grand scale. Devotees across the state come to witness the creativity displayed by our artists. The Times of India initiated Times Mahakaali Sanman recognize the efforts of the Heritage & Theme Based Kali Pujas of Kolkata.

Times of India has immense pride in the culture of Bengal and is taking great steps to preserve the heritage and cultural roots while acknowledging the creativity of artists.